Retail Merchant Accounts for Class A Businesses

Retail Merchant Accounts for Class A Businesses

As an Internet payment service provider, we do not often talk about our solutions for retail merchant accounts. However, Instabill works with some of the top acquirers in the United States. Our partnerships allow us to provide extremely desirable merchant accounts to storefront businesses nationwide as well as some of the most popular POS terminals in the industry.

High Class Merchant Accounts for Class A Businesses

Now that you know Instabill provides retail merchant accounts, you may be curious as to what businesses we serve. While we are able to serve all US storefront businesses that require swipe credit card processing services, we have tailored our retail merchant account solutions especially for Class A merchants. According to the Merchant Category Code (MCC), Class A merchants consist of the following.

  • 5812 Eating Places and Restaurants
  • 5813 Drinking Places, Bars, Taverns, Cocktail Lounges, Nightclubs, and Discotheques
  • 5814 Fast Food Restaurants
  • 7230 Barber and Beauty Shops
  • 5499 Miscellaneous Foods Stores — Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets

Popular POS Terminals

There are many decent POS terminals out there for you to buy or lease, but we can offer you some of the most popular technology solutions in the industry. Whether you operate a small restaurant or a busy nightclub, we have just the thing for you.

  • Verifone Vx570
  • Verifone Vx510 Dual Comm
  • Verifone Vx510LE
  • Verifone Nurit 8400
  • Verifone Vx670 Wi-Fi
  • Hypercom T4205
  • Hypercom T4210
  • Hypercom T4220
  • Hypercom T4200
  • Dejavoo X5
  • Dejavoo X8
  • Ingenico i5100

For more information about the POS terminals we offer, visit us online at

Speedy Underwriting and Approvals

We understand the importance of opening a merchant account, which is why we try to make the approval process as quick as possible. Once your merchant account application reaches our review department, we will send it to one of our trustworthy banking partners for underwriting.

Overall, we can have you up and processing in as quickly as one to two weeks—allowing time for us to ship your POS terminal and for you to set it up. One you start processing, you can start receiving payouts in three days with normal payouts every day or every other day.

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To apply for a retail merchant account with Instabill, complete our sign up form or call us at 1-800-318-2713. One of our expert merchant account managers will contact you within one business days so we can learn more about your special needs and requirements.

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