E-Cigarette Merchant Accounts Still in High Demand

E-Cigarette Merchant Accounts Still in High Demand

Are e-cigarettes a healthier alternative than traditional cigarettes? Are they worse?

It’s going to be a while before there is concrete evidence leaning one way or the other. Most e-cigarette users who have converted from traditional cigarettes attest their electronic counterparts are healthier. Perhaps that is the chief reason that electronic cigarette merchant accounts continue to be one of our most sought-after solutions.

Instabill Honored by CardPaymentOptions.com

Earlier this year, Instabill was honored by payments industry think tank CardPaymentOptions.com as one of the top high risk credit card processors, receiving an ‘A’ grade for merchant services.

Additionally, Instabill was specifically lauded for the benefits of its e-cigarette merchant accounts, for which it offers offshore solutions, credit and debit processing and a dedicated supervisor for each merchant account, among other perks.

“After an application is signed and completed, we can usually find a solution within 24 hours,” said Sales Manager Wendy Jacques. “I feel we have some of the best rates and solutions. E-cigarettes are still very much a booming business.”

4 Special Things About Our Electronic Cigarette Merchant Accounts

There is a reason CardPaymentOptions.com recognized Instabill for its quality electronic cigarette merchant accounts. Actually, there are four of them:

  • Approvals in 24 hours: With a completed, signed application, Instabill can usually have an approval within one business day. E-cigarette merchants should view our list of required documents to get started.
  • Industry-low Rates: Instabill can quote a merchant as low as 1.75 percent over interchange with an average transaction fee approximately 20 cents.
  • Offshore Solutions and 160 Currencies: Instabill has several offshore merchant account solutions and can process payments in more than 160 currencies.
  • One Merchant Account Manager: Instabill believes in live, one-on-one customer support. Your merchant account manager is available from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. on any business day.

Merchant account representatives are always reachable at Instabill at 1-800-318-2713.

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