Does E-Cigarette Use As a Quit-Smoking Aid Lead to Success?

Does E-Cigarette Use As a Quit-Smoking Aid Lead to Success?

A University College London study says that the use of e-cigarettes as a quit-smoking aid has proven to be a successful option. The study, published on the Addiction Journal website, was conducted from 2009-14, and surveyed 5,863 smokers in the UK. As the debate continues regarding the long term health effects of e-cigarettes, the study adds credence to e-cigarette proponents who feel they are a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

What was the Impact of the Study?

The study presented strong evidence that e-cigarettes as a quit-smoking aid are a proven alternative for smokers who have thus far quit unsuccessfully. Researchers at UCL found that people who are trying to quit smoking are 60 percent more likely to do so by converting to e-cigarettes. More so, 20 percent of the 5,863 reported having quit traditional cigarettes with the help of e-cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes as a Quit-Smoking Aid: What are the Benefits?

The use of e-cigarettes as a quit-smoking aid presents several benefits:

  • Primarily, e-cigarette users are inhaling nicotine vapor and not lung-damaging smoke.
  • Many former smokers turned e-cigarette users report improved breathing and better lung capacity after a few weeks.
  • Just as important, there is no secondary smoke with e-cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Industry Continues to Flourish

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