Consumers Consult Mobile Commerce Sites to Compare Prices In-Store

Consumers Consult Mobile Commerce Sites to Compare Prices In-Store

In a recent study, U.S. retail shoppers revealed exactly what they’re doing on their mobile phones while shopping. As it turns out, the newest price comparison tool isn’t flyers or giant signage—it’s mobile commerce sites.

Shoppers Check Prices Before Buying

Thanks to the versatility and widespread access to the internet that mobile devices present, shoppers are able to check the prices of items they want to buy before heading to the checkout counter. The most common reason a shopper is on his or her phone in the store is to conduct price comparisons, to see where they can get the best deal. They also consult mobile commerce sites to read reviews, take pictures of the product, or ask others for advice.

This report reveals a key piece of information for retail merchants. Odds are, your customers won’t pay attention to in-store advertisements or signage. They will instead turn to the internet to do some product research before they purchase your product. This means the necessity for a mobile commerce site is paramount.

Mobile Commerce Sites and Their Effect

Having an online store—one that is mobile friendly—is a necessity in the 21st century. If you’d rather conduct business in your retail location, at least maintain a website with product descriptions and prices. This will help retain customers who are actively searching online for a better deal.

What the report doesn’t cover is the amount of people who do price comparisons before they ever leave the house. One signature trend of the most recent holiday season was shoppers doing research on their phones, and purchasing on their computers. So not only would a mobile commerce site help put your products at the shopper’s fingertips, it may even help get them out of their house and into your store.

E-Commerce Merchant Accounts and More

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