Earn a Possible Cash Signing Bonus for Your High Volume Merchant Account

Earn a Possible Cash Signing Bonus for Your High Volume Merchant Account

In need of additional merchant accounts due to high volume? Searching for lower credit card processing fees? Unhappy with your current payment processor?

Instabill, which specializes in high volume merchant account solutions, has a better solution for you.

Along with a domestic acquiring banking partner, Instabill is offering a free cost analysis and a possible cash signing bonus for high volume merchants who earn approval for a merchant account.

How Does it Work?

  • Merchants seeking additional high volume merchant account solutions should contact Instabill at 1-800-318-2713 or click to ‘Let’s Talk’ button below.
  • Our merchant account managers will provide you a free cost-savings analysis on your current merchant account (We have saved merchants as much as 40 percent in credit card processing fees annually).
  • Merchants will need to provide three months of processing statements and 1-2 years of financials.
  • Upon approval, the acquiring banking partner will reveal the qualifying amount of signing bonus based upon the merchant’s financial and processing history. Merchants are then free to accept or decline the offered contract.

Here’s What We’re Looking For:

High volume merchants looking to take advantage of partnering with Instabill are advised to be:

  • Low risk merchants
  • With a chargeback history of less than 1 percent or 100 chargebacks per month
  • Having been in business at least one year

High volume merchants who are nearing volume limits are especially encouraged to partner with Instabill, which has a long history of providing additional, cost-effective merchant accounts to ease volume limits.

What Industries Traditionally Have High Volume?

There are several industries that tend to run high volume for which Instabill provides numerous solutions, particularly:


Debt Collection

Multilevel Marketing

Nutraceutical Products


Pharmacies (Online, POS and MOTO)

Need a High Volume Merchant Account? Partner with Instabill

Instabill is a full-service provider of custom merchant accounts for all industries: High and low risk businesses; e-commerce, POS and MOTO. Our merchant account managers offer live support and a free quote by calling 1-800-318-2713, live chat or by clicking the ‘sign up’ button above.

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