Offshore Merchant Accounts for US

Offshore merchant account services for US merchants with Instabill

If you are interested in moving some of your assets offshore and are looking for ways to accept credit card payments online, then offshore merchant account services for US is the right merchant account for you. Offshore merchant account services for US merchants offer not just tax reduction advantages but also provides certain economic advantages for the US merchants.

The US eCommerce Market and Offshore Merchant Accounts

The US eCommerce market can be very competitive especially concerning payment processing facilities and merchant account setup. Most banks and credit card processors refuse to accept you if your have not been in business for at least two years. They will want a security deposit and will probably not consider your business due to possible chargebacks. Some might even shut down your merchant account later due to high volume sales just when your business was starting to grow.

Due to a large number of fraudulent activities and money laundering banks and credit card processors are rather reluctant at providing you a merchant account and the chance to grow your business. So you would want to find a merchant account provider who will not just accept your business but also understand its needs.

How an Offshore Merchant Accounts for US Merchants Can Help Your Business

It’s a small world! Now you can easily be in your state and virtually find yourself a merchant account provider who will provide you a processor and an offshore merchant account that will allow you to process your payments from anywhere in the world.

Gain an Edge with Instabill’s Offshore Merchant Accounts for US

One of the major advantages of owning an Instabill Offshore Merchant Account is that the setup is hassle free, you get better service and there are almost no deposit requirements. Other major advantages include:

  • Easy Access Worldwide – Business owners are no longer limited by geographical boundaries. With an offshore merchant account, you can virtually access any country in the world.
  • Economical Advantages – Get the best deal from anywhere in the world with absolutely zero restrictions.
  • Offshore Credit Card Processing – Accept payments in multiple currencies.
  • Reduction in Taxes – Having an offshore company to process your payment transactions helps reduce taxes.
  • Relaxed Processing Fee – Some offshore banks and processors do charge a slightly higher processing fee, however now with the increase in competition this trend is changing.

Of course, there is fierce competition in the US when it comes to finding a merchant account provider whose service is worldwide. But with Instabill you needn’t worry about all that!