Offshore Merchant Accounts for the UK

Offshore merchant accounts for the UK by Instabill

Advantages of Offshore Merchant Accounts for the UK

Offshore Merchant Accounts for the UK provide business owners with the perfect opportunity of accepting credit/debit card payments online, real-time and cost-effective solutions etc. Merchants worldwide prefer using Instabill’s offshore merchant accounts as they feel more comfortable having their online credit card transactions processed with our reliable SSL servers and secure payment gateways.

Normally obtaining an offshore merchant account through a UK payment service provider is costly, but with Instabill you no longer have to worry about high set up costs, as we provide low cost merchant accounts everywhere in the world. Applying for an offshore merchant account with a UK payment service provider offers many advantages. Some of them are given below:

  • Easy Access – with our offshore merchant accounts our UK clients are no longer limited to doing business in a single country or continent
  • Real-time and Cost-effective Solutions – our offshore merchant accounts for the UK offer cost-effective solutions and real-time processing to business owners, hence they become capable of finding the best deal anywhere in the world
  • Offshore Credit Card Processing – UK merchants can now accept payments in multiple currencies
  • Reduction in Taxes – for the offshore merchant accounts, not having banks in the same location as the business helps reduce taxes
  • Secure Servers – both SSL and 3D secure processing is available for our UK clients who wish to open an offshore merchant account
  • Fraud Protection -Instabill provides fraud protection against all kinds of online theft and fraud
  • Credit Card Acceptance – for offshore merchant account holders in the UK accepting all major credit and debit cards like MasterCard, Visa is quick, safe and easy to manage
  • Multi-currency Payment – for our UK merchants we also have a multi-currency payment function available
  • Online Reporting – offshore merchants can now view transaction reports online

Some offshore banks and credit card processors charge a slightly higher processing fee in the UK, but with increased competition this tendency is now changing. UK merchants now prefer Instabill’s offshore merchant accounts over traditional onshore or domestic merchant banks due to its many advantages.