An Easy Solution to Offering High Risk Merchant Accounts

An Easy Solution to Offering High Risk Merchant Accounts

Back in November, we gushed in a blog post about why our referral partners and resellers should take advantage of our co-branded landing page. We gave several compelling reasons:

  • Our revenue share setup speaks for itself: 60 and 70 percent
  • It’s an easy gateway into offering high risk merchant accounts
  • Searchers for high risk merchant services never leave your website empty handed

We’d like our existing partners and resellers to know that the list of benefits of our co-branded landing page just grew.

1. Any Language, Any Message

Instabill can customize your page to your own unique message and even your own language. Currently, we have a pages available in Spanish, French and Arabic (it pays to have multi-lingual staffers here at Instabill!).

Instabill offers a standard message on its page, but partners and resellers can also create a unique message to attract certain types of merchants.

2. Speedy Form – We Need 4 Things

With the simple form on our co-branded landing page – name, e-mail, phone and country – your conversion rate will increase. Prospects are more likely to complete a quickie form than pick up the phone.

3. Let Instabill Do the Work

Because a partner or reseller is linking our co-branded landing page to their website, Instabill receives the lead and does all the work: from underwriting to selecting the best possible banking option for the merchant.

4. Prospects Never Leave Your Website

The link to our co-branded landing page is housed on your website, so the prospect completing the form stays on your website.

5. Perhaps the Best Part…

On receipt of a logo, Instabill can have your co-branded landing page operational that day.

“We are always looking for ways to simplify the onboarding process for prospects to join out partner program,” said Stephanie Mann, Instabill’s web administrator. “This form is super easy to setup, to place on the partner website and, most important, for the prospect to complete.”

Instabill: The Veteran High Risk Processor

Instabill began processing payments in 2001 in the industries of online gambling, adult content and online dating. Since, it has expanded to more than 90 high and low risk industries covering e-commerce, MOTO and POS merchants.

We are always up for a conversation at 1-800-318-2713. Or just click the live chat option to connect directly with a merchant account manager.

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