Instabill Testimonials

Instabill Testimonials and Reviews: See what our network of merchants and partners are saying about us

Like any wise consumer, you want to know what others are saying about the goods or services you are looking to buy. You may be a business owner, but you are a consumer too, which means every penny you spend is in the best interest of your company.

Although Instabill has a reputation built on 15 years of successful credit card processing for e-commerce businesses, do not rely on a leap of faith. Take the time to read Instabill testimonials from partners and merchants and see how happy they are with our merchant account services.

Want to Submit Your Own Instabill Testimonial?

Here at Instabill, we love hearing what our merchants and partners have to say and making our business better for you! To submit a testimonial about our merchant services—or even our Instabill Partner Program services!— contact us online or email your merchant account manager.

What They’re Saying

Below are just a few Instabill testimonials in recent years:

Carlton, E-Commerce Merchant:
“We have been searching for 10 months for a payment processor that works with our offshore bank and no one has been able to meet our credit card processing needs the way Instabill has. Thank you so much for your excellent communication and great help!”

Lisa, Satisfied Merchant:
“I wish to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your prompt, attentive responses to my inquiries. I have lost hundreds of dollars over the Internet to vendors that I could not contact and when I did, they showed me that the fees they charged were buried somewhere in the fine print and refused to refund my money. It is really difficult to find someone like Instabill who acknowledges a customer service role on the Internet—you are a beacon in the darkness!”

Meher, MOTO Merchant:
“Your customer service is absolutely fantastic! My merchant account manager takes care of all of my requirements right away and it is such a pleasure to work with her. Also, your virtual terminal is very simple to use, which makes accepting payments over the phone so easy!”

Vic, Satisfied Merchant:
“I chose Instabill as my payment processor because Instabill is one of the few processors with more than 10 years of experience working in the high-risk processing business. Also, we had very good communication with its customer support and sales teams in the beginning when we were applying, so we immediately felt comfortable.”

Stephane, Gaming Merchant:
“Thank you for sticking with me and continuing to answer my questions and solve my problems. The success of my company could be your trophy in the near future!”

Danish, MOTO Merchant:
“Instabill has assisted a great deal with helping our organization to set up our Merchant/MOTO facility. I feel without their help and patience we would have given up attempting to set up such a facility for our company. However, thanks to their kind support, we can now streamline our processes and grow with the help of our new merchant account. Thank you ever so much Instabill!”

Cristian, Travel Merchant:
“Instabill is the best–a true customer-committed organization. They understand the customer’s needs at a glance.”