Why you should care about Instabill's Better Business Bureau A+ rating

Why you should care about Instabill's Better Business Bureau A+ rating

Let’s be honest: When it comes to credit card processing-especially high risk merchant accounts you can never be too careful about scams. Your business’ future might depend on choosing the right merchant account solution. You need to be sure that your payment processor is honest, dependable, and reputable.

Why? Because you need to get paid – reliably, on time, and without a lot of hidden fees that eat into your bottom line. But how do you make sure your payment processor and merchant account provider are legitimate? We highly recommend you check out their rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Instabill is proud of our BBB A+ rating

Instabill has an A+ rating with the BBB the highest rating possible. But we know that when you’re researching payment processors and high risk merchant account providers, there’s a lot of confusing information out there. Websites like Ripoff Report make it hard to tell the difference between a trustworthy company and a payment processing scam.

Take a look at this head-to-head comparison between Ripoff Report and the Better Business Bureau and ask yourself: Which source of information would I trust?

BBB vs. Ripoff Report – who can you trust?

 QuestionRipoff ReportBetter Business Bureau
Who are they?A privately run, for-profit blog run by a former business owner.A network of 122 consumer information bureaus that’s been around since 1912. The BBB is independently governed by a Board of Directors, with rigorous standards formed in cooperation with government regulatory agencies and trade associations.
What do they publish?Ripoff Report publishes unedited, uninvestigated complaints and allow users to comment on them.The BBB sets standards for ethical business practices. They investigate and monitor over 3 million businesses and provide thoroughly researched reports.
Do they investigate customer complaints?No. Ripoff Report publishes all complaints without looking into them.Yes. The BBB is a large organization with an extensive staff for investigating and substantiating complaints.
What are their reports based on?Complaints are based on unsubstantiated reports by anonymous users.The BBB compiles, archives, and investigates all information it receives about a business.
Do they follow up on complaints or act to resolve them?No. Ripoff Report is an un-moderated forum.Yes. The BBB acts as a mutually trusted intermediary between consumers and businesses to resolve significant complaints.
How are disputes handled?Ripoff Reports cannot be removed from the site, even by the original authors, and even if the information is found to be false. Businesses must pay a hefty fee (around $2000) to enter ‘arbitration’ in an attempt to have a report declared “satisfied.”If a business disagrees with a report made to the BBB, disputes are mediated with no-cost arbitration and the outcome is reflected in the BBB report.
How do they make money?Ripoff Report makes money through advertising on its website and through “VIP arbitration.” With VIP arbitration, businesses that have been victims of false reports are charged thousands of dollars to have their names cleared.Businesses that meet the BBB’s strict standards for ethical practices can become BBB members. BBB dues pay the bureau’s essential operating costs.

There is no competition

If you’re looking for a reliable merchant account provider, what would you rather base your decision on—Anonymous, un-moderated posts on a for-profit blog? Or thoroughly researched reports by an established consumer agency?

At Instabill, we think the choice is obvious. That’s why we’re proud to declare:

We’re a BBB A+ rated company, and you can count on us.

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