We’re Changing Our Titles to Merchant Account Therapists

We’re Changing Our Titles to Merchant Account Therapists

We’ve decided to change the title of our merchant account managers to merchant account therapists. Because they often feel like therapists.

Sometimes e-commerce merchants need a second chance, and they call on us. We listen to their problems:

  • My merchant account was shut down for no reason.
  • The bank said my volume was too high.
  • My chargeback rate was out of control.

We hear these things every day. And like therapists, we offer solutions and do our best to steer them into the right direction.

Why Instabill Welcomes High Risk Business

Instabill got its start in 2001 as a payment processor in the online gaming and dating industries in the U.K. Through those industries, we expanded our portfolio with other high risk businesses such as Forex and binary options, tobacco and e-cigarettes, debt collection and consolidation among many others.

How did we do this? We’ve established partnerships with acquiring banks around the world: Banks with different philosophies on boarding high risk businesses; those that work with certain industries, payment schemes and volume caps.

Benefits of Offshore Merchant Accounts

For example, a U.S. bank might turn down an application for an online pharmaceutical business, but one of our banking partners in Asia or Europe might approve it. This encompasses many industries, which is how we’ve increased our approved industry list to more than 90 different types.

Even better, we know which banks are the best fit for your industry and we’ll match your business with such.

For example, we get several inquiries each week on merchant accounts for medical marijuana dispensaries, marijuana seeds and CBD. We know right away that the only solution for each is an offshore or international merchant account, since marijuana is illegal by the federal government.

We typically take peptide merchants and multi-level marketing merchants offshore as well. Any industry with volume issues, we bring to one of our offshore banks because they tend to be liberal with caps.

Another Chance with Instabill

We’re familiar with your story, and we’re pretty sure we can match you with a credit card processing solution. Speak with a live merchant account manager at 1-800-318-2713 or select the live chat option below.

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