Unexpected Benefits of Credit Card Processing

Unexpected Benefits of Credit Card Processing

Whether you operate a storefront business or an e-commerce store, there are many unconventional benefits of accepting credit cards. Sure, you know that you will become more accessible to your customers, but what hidden benefits lay beneath your POS terminal or payment gateway? Let us look at the unexpected benefits of credit card processing.

Builds Customer Trust

When you think of accepting credit cards, you probably do not think about it building trust with your customers. However, think about every tiny detail encompassed in the merchant account application process. You provide the >merchant account service provider with your personal and business details — bank account information, utility bills, credit card processing history, referral letters. Obtaining a merchant account so you can process card payments is like getting a seal of approval from your PSP.

Instabill trusts you to process credit cards with us, so your customers will trust you too.

Enhanced Payment Environment

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards enforces a set of requirements all facilities must maintain when handling credit card information — and this especially includes merchants. By taking on the responsibility of credit card processing, you must first make sure your website or storefront is secure by PCI standards to process the cardholders’ information. PCI DSS requirements include integrating an SSL certificate into your e-commerce website, restricting access to cardholder data, and maintaining a policy that addresses information security.

By accepting credit cards online or in-store, you are inadvertently enhancing the security of your payment environment.

Enticing Website

For e-commerce merchants who want to accept credit cards online, Visa and MasterCard have established a set of requirements that each merchant must implement on his or her website. These requirements include displaying detailed and accurate descriptions of each good or service you provide.

Providing your customers with information about the goods or services you offer will make your business website more enticing— resulting in more purchases.

Speedy Settlements

Unlike checks or money orders, you can approve or decline a credit card transaction in a matter of seconds, which means you will get your money much quicker. Granted cash is an immediate payout, but credit cards provide customers with an easier way to pay. This also means that customers can make more impulse buys.

Overall, credit card processing may not offer the fastest payout, but it provides speedy settlements and quicker access to your hard-earned cash.

Credit Card Processing Services with Instabill

For information on how you can accept card payments online or in-store, sign up with Instabill today. Not only can we provide you with an easy-to-use payment gateway or a popular POS terminal, but we can also help you establish an affordable merchant account domestically or internationally. Find out what Instabill credit card processing solution is best for your business now.

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