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Instabill Merchant Support: Always Live, One-on-One

Partnering with merchants for the life of the account.

Merchant support managers are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST) to answer your telephone calls, Live Chat Service, and emails. If your call is after business hours, a representative will contact you the next business day–guaranteed. For quick answers to questions you may have about our merchant accounts, payment gateway and credit card processing solutions, we encourage you to refer to the Instabill Merchant Support page that we have created.

Merchant Support Services

With an Instabill merchant account, merchants receive a variety of web support services including payment gateway integration and shopping carts, assistance in obtaining an SSL certificate for your website and PCI compliance services at a reduced cost. Find out what additional Web support services Instabill offers here.

Chargeback Prevention and Reversals

Since too many chargebacks could lead to a terminated merchant account, it is important that merchants prevent chargebacks from occurring. If a chargeback transaction should occur, it is equally important to dispute it to remain in good standing with the acquiring bank. Learn how to prevent chargebacks here.

Merchant Account Application Checklist

The documents required for a merchant account will likely vary from processor to processor. For this reason, we have created a merchant account application checklist to show the underwriting documents Instabill requires. Submitting these documents to your merchant account manager will expedite the application process.

Merchant Account Fees and Risk Management

One of the first things every business owner wants to know about its merchant account provider is the cost to process credit cards. Instabill has partnerships with acquiring banks worldwide, which means our merchant account fees are competitive and affordable. Learn about Instabill merchant account fees here.

Determine Your Risk Factor

In determining merchant account fees, acquiring banks first need to determine a business’s risk factor. To do this, banks examine a merchant’s credit card processing history, chargeback ratio, business industry and much more. Find out how you can determine your own business risk factor here.

Merchant Category Code

A merchant category code, or MCC for short, allows banks to identify specific industries using four-digit numbers. However, knowing your MCC is also helpful for merchants since similar e-commerce business types tend to pay similar merchant account fees and rates. Find your merchant category code here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have general questions about Instabill, questions regarding your payouts, or questions about our payment gateway technology, our merchant support experts have developed and answered your most frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question listed in our FAQ section, please do not hesitate to contact us. View our FAQ pages here.

Merchant Account Articles

What makes Instabill stand out among competitors is our sharing our expert knowledge. In addition to the FAQ section and Instabill blogs, our merchant account specialists offer you their wisdom through our Articles section. Covering many categories, our merchant support articles include an introduction to merchant accounts, a merchant account service guide, and e-commerce security and fraud protection.

Understanding Credit Card Problems

When experiencing difficulties with credit card processing services, merchants need to fix the issue fast. Credit card processing problems vary significantly. We have designed a guide that will help you understand some of the most common credit card processing problems and how you can address them. Learn more about understanding common credit card processing problems here.