Seven More U.S. States Considering Online Gambling

Seven More U.S. States Considering Online Gambling

Predictably, the states of Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey are generating revenue from the onset of online gambling, made legal in all three states last year. Now seven other states are thinking of following their lead. Nevada legalized e-gambling in April of 2013 while Delaware followed in October and New Jersey in December. Other states in legislation include California (which would also allow tribal casinos), Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, and Massachusetts as well as Texas and Pennsylvania.

Online Gambling: Early Reports are in

Proponents of gambling online in New Jersey are encouraged by results over the first two months. Internet casinos generated $9.5 million in January, exceeding the $7.4 million in December, making for an increase of 28 percent.  When the internet gambling bill was introduced to the New Jersey Legislature, physical casinos in Atlantic City acted. Six casinos, including Trump Plaza, Trump Taj Mahal and Caesar’s, went to work to develop their own online gambling sites to counterbalance any competition.

In Delaware, online casinos generated just over $250,000 over the first seven weeks, increases of about 8 percent month-over-month despite technical problems which plagued gambling websites over the first few weeks. How much of an impact it had in Nevada in 2013 is unclear. The state’s 2013 report shows only combined live and e-gambling revenue which amounted to just under $153,000,000.

First Things First: Obtain an Online Gambling Merchant Account

Those who are considering opening an internet gambling website need prioritize. And first on the to-do list is to obtain an online casino merchant account that can process credit and debit cards. Gambling online has long been legal in other countries, and there are credit card processors here in the U.S. who have extensive experience in working alongside gambling merchants.

Massachusetts Could be the Fourth State

Massachusetts recently awarded three licenses to build casinos in different parts of the state. Though the proverbial shovel has yet to break ground, there are two bills in the Massachusetts legislature that would legalize internet gambling within the Bay State’s borders.

Keep in Touch With Online Gambling

Instabill, a credit card processor for e-commerce businesses, anticipated the legalization of state-by-state e-gambling years ago. It has been a frequent subject among several of Instabill’s blog sites.

Learn more about online casino merchant accounts with Instabill.

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