Securing an E-Commerce Website: Do These 3 Things

Securing an E-Commerce Website: Do These 3 Things

When you’re running an online store, securing an e-commerce website should always be the first thing on your mind. You’re dealing with sensitive information for your customers, and they want to know you’ve got their personal data safe.

Our friends at recently wrote an article about securing an e-commerce website. We’re sharing some of our favorite points here.

  1. Install Antivirus Software: When you set up an online business, installing antivirus software on the computer should be the first step. There are many businesses that do not bother making this important installation. Keep the program up to date with security updates whenever they come.
  2. Require Passwords and Security Codes: If you use a wireless router, protect your files with a password. Use a firewall that prevents unauthorized people from getting their hands on your data. Request a password for any computer or database that is full of confidential information.
  3. Contact the Professionals: Never underestimate the importance of getting help from professionals. There are companies that specialize in everything that involves computers and technology. Many people know about computer security, but they know nothing about online website security because they are two different areas. Find a team of experts to recommend the right tools and techniques for you.

Our recommendation for keeping your e-commerce website safe is making sure it is PCI compliant. At Instabill, we will help you make sure your website is up to date with PCI security standards. Making sure your customer’s personal information is safe will lead to increased customer trust and decreased rates of chargebacks. This is not a step you can afford to overlook.

When you’re ready to make sure your website is secure and ready to process credit cards, contact Instabill for help with every step. Don’t forget to check out the entire article from Malware List: 6 Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Online Business Secure.

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