Preventing Chargebacks with

Preventing Chargebacks with

If you are struggling with high chargebacks, then is the website for you. We designed our newest site to help you in preventing chargebacks as well as understand them. However, we also created this site with consumers in mind. Instabill defines the difference between chargebacks and refunds as well as gives advice on how to prevent identity theft and credit card fraud. Have a look at what other helpful information you will find at

Chargebacks 101 for Merchants

In the merchants’ section of, you will learn all about chargeback retrievals as well as information about Visa and MasterCard thresholds. We will show you how to prevent chargebacks and even prevent credit card fraud. Whether your business has been around for six years or six months, the information you will find at will help you lower your chargeback risk.

Chargebacks 101 for Consumers

This section of our website is equally important for merchant and consumers. educates consumers on how they can protect their identity and prevent falling victim of credit card fraud. We also promote requesting refunds over chargebacks—another tactic on our behalf to help reduce your chargeback threshold.

If consumers understand that a refund is much more efficient than a chargeback, then you will certainly reduce the amount of chargebacks you process each month. (However, preventing chargebacks all together will also do the same thing!)

Why You Should Process with Instabill

As a smart e-commerce merchant, you should work with a merchant service provider who has your business’s best interest in mind and at heart. We truly care about the success of your business, which is why we create websites like and love working with you so closely. We try our best to help you find the cheapest processing fees as well as help you protect your money.

Unlike large credit card processors, you will work with a dedicated merchant account manager at Instabill who will be here to help you throughout the life of your merchant account. If you are not processing with us already, you can start the application process today by contacting us online or by calling 1-800-318-2713.

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