Patience Pays for This Global Merchant Services Account Manager

Patience Pays for This Global Merchant Services Account Manager

In the global merchant services industry, Instabill works with a wide range of different people and industries and it often requires patience. One of the hardest parts as a global merchant services account manager is to understand and deliver what each individual business owner is looking for when it comes to credit card processing, particularly when a good amount of your clients are from different countries.

Not only do we have language barriers to overcome, but there are also different laws, regulations and terminology we need to understand. What we here in the states might call one document, a merchant might call it something completely different. As a result, gathering all the documentation needed from a business owner can be difficult and frustrating.

Global Merchant Services: Random, Unpredictable

One of my merchants was from India but was a U.S. citizen and had been living in the U.S. for more than 30 years. He had a successful debt collection company that he had run for several years and was doing very well, so much so that his wife was going to start a second debt collection company.

The merchant had submitted his information to me through as a new merchant. When I contacted him, I knew right away it was going to be a taxing process. His accent was very thick and he was very long-winded in reviewing his business type and future plans for his business (it was a short version of his life story). As a global merchant services provider, I informed him what Instabill was able to offer as far as a credit card processing solution and I sent off the required applications and documents needed to move forward.

A week had passed and I had not heard from this merchant, which happens sometimes. I followed up with him to see how things were progressing and he said he would be sending all the required documents to me that day which he did.

In Global Merchant Services, Patience is a Virtue

The very next day revealed the things to come:  I received 3-5 phone calls a day from the merchant trying to get all the documents that the acquiring bank required faxed over to me. Before long, all of my coworkers knew the merchant by his first name, noting that a day would not be complete without at least three phone calls from him. Not only did I have this merchant calling me every day, his business partner and his wife called several times a day to check on the status of his application. After several weeks of putting this merchant’s application through several banks both domestically and offshore, we finally got him approved for a merchant account

Patience Pays Off: More Merchant Accounts to Follow

Since this merchant has started processing with us, he has been very happy and we’ve built a great relationship. He no longer contacts me on a daily basis, but he still calls from time to time to see how things are going and tell me how he is doing with his business. He plans to start several more companies and has already committed to doing business with Instabill for a long time to come.

Global Merchant Services for the Life of the Account

Debt collection is considered by banks to be a high risk industry, and some merchant accounts are more difficult for which to find solutions than others. With a variety of domestic and international banking partners, Instabill goes to great lengths to find the best banking solutions to get businesses processing. Instabill merchant account representatives are available one-on-one at 1-800-314-2713.

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