Law Firm Merchant Accounts for Online Payments

Law Firm Merchant Accounts for Online Payments

A law firm demands endless hours of work and concentration. After representing hundreds of clients, finding time to process payments can become nearly impossible. Signing up for one of Instabill’s law firm merchant accounts can save you time and make sure you are receiving your hard-earned profits.

Instabill’s Law Firm Merchant Accounts

More and more law firms are starting to accept credit card payments through their company websites. This makes the payment process easier for both the firm as well as the clients. Instabill offers law firm merchant accounts to many types of practices, including personal injury, consumer finance, PPI, workers’ compensation, commercial litigation, employment, and family law.

With our worldwide network of acquiring banks, you can rest assured that you will find a reliable law firm merchant account that will fit all of your business’s credit card processing needs.

Law Firm Merchant Account Benefits

With an affordable law firm merchant account, you can start accepting online payments quickly through the Instabill payment gateway. Our expert merchant account managers can help you find the right account for your unique business. Accept credit card payments from many card brands including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Qualified merchants will have access to our virtual terminal, allowing them to accept payments over the phone as well. With generous monthly volume caps, you can process all of the credit card transactions you need.

Retail Merchant Accounts for Your Law Firm

Instabill also helps US-based law firms open swipe merchant accounts so they can accept card payments right in the office. We have a variety of credit card processing equipment, such as the following.

  • Verifone Nurit 2085
  • Verifone Nurit 8020
  • Verifone OMNI VX510LE
  • Verifone OMNI VX510
  • Verifone OMNI VX510 Dual
  • Verifone OMNI VX570
  • Verifone OMNI VX570 Dual
  • Verifone 1000SE PINPAD
  • Hypercom T4205
  • Hypercom T4210
  • Hypercom T4220
  • Hypercom M4230
  • Hypercom P1300 PINPAD
  • Hypercom P1320 PINPAD USB

You can also request a manual imprinter, slips for your imprinter, a Visa and MasterCard metal sign, and paper rolls for your POS terminal or PINPAD. Learn more about merchant accounts for storefront businesses today.

Apply for a Law Firm Merchant Account with Instabill

Applying for one of our law firm merchant accounts is completely free. When you sign up with Instabill, we will assign you a dedicated merchant account manager who will help you through the entire application process—from start to finish. The underwriting process of your acquiring bank will determine your final rates, but we can provide you with a free merchant account quote over the phone and can guarantee you an affordable law firm merchant account solution that will satisfy all of your payment processing needs.

To learn more about our law firm merchant accounts, call toll-free at 1-800-318-2713 or contact us online to speak with a credit card processing expert about your merchant account opportunities.

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