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Finding approvals for online casino merchant accounts can be tricky for a handful of reasons. The key lies in partnering with international and offshore banks that have not only the payment processing solutions, but the regulatory knowledge necessary of those countries and regions of the world where it is legal and illegal.

When it launched in 2001, Instabill began as a merchant account provider for the industries of online casinos and gambling, online dating and adult content in the UK before expanding to more than 80 e-commerce industries.

Because online casinos are illegal in some countries (Turkey, Qatar and the U.S., except Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware), Instabill offers online casino merchant accounts with caveats.

Offshore, international online casino merchant accounts only

As online casinos remain illegal by U.S. federal law, the online casino merchant accounts we provide go through our offshore and international banking partners who specialize in offering them. Currently, Instabill has online gambling payment processing solutions in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The best solutions for e-commerce credit card processing

To get an online casino merchant account, casino merchants can accept e-commerce credit card transactions only. We are unable to provide virtual terminal use for this industry. Per our banking partners’ regulations, online casino merchants cannot take credit card payments over the telephone.

Startup online casino merchant accounts – we’ve got them

Instabill has payment processing solutions for online casino startup businesses. Depending on the banking partner with which we align your business, a European Union registration may be required. Check out our merchant account application materials page to see the documents required to get your business processing transactions.

Merchant account support for the life of your account

Instabill’s expert merchant account managers are on hand Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., in our Portsmouth, NH, USA offices (U.S. eastern time zone). Reach us direct at 800-530-2444.

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