Objective and Results-Focused: A Chargebacks911 Review

Objective and Results-Focused: A Chargebacks911 Review

Chargeback management can be a daunting, tedious task. And it’s about to become even more imperative for merchants.

Because of new changes in Visa’s Chargeback Monitoring Program and its Fraud Monitoring Program, both e-commerce and POS merchants may soon be turning to chargeback mitigation companies for help. Many merchants, especially those in the high risk arena, will be forced to outsource due to the fact mitigation can be too overwhelming a task.

Proactive merchants will search online for reviews of such companies – reviews are often the deciding factor in choosing a chargeback mitigation provider. A Chargebacks911 review will reveal the direct products and services it offers, as well as countless educational elements – webinars, whitepapers and frequent blogs – for merchants to digest.

Chargebacks911 review: A Brief History

What may not appear in a Chargebacks911 review is the fact that the company was started in 2009 by e-commerce merchants who fell victim to excessive chargebacks, realized there was a wide open market for chargeback mitigation and took action.

As friendly fraud continues to rise dramatically, so has Chargebacks911: Seven years and more than 350 employees later, Chargebacks911 is thriving.

Selecting a Chargeback Mitigation Provider: 4 Things to Remember

When searching for a chargeback mitigation provider, there are many things to consider. We offer four significant factors:

  • An objective third party which will identify the flaws and mistakes that lead to chargebacks.
  • A provider devoted to changes in chargeback protocol and the latest industry standards.
  • A provider that analyzes the consumer’s behaviors behind chargebacks.
  • A provider which guarantees results

Merchants will find a Chargebacks911 review reveals many positive features. Considering how far it has come in just a few years, the future looks bright for this innovative risk mitigation company.

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