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We often hear about it from all kinds of merchants – nutraceutical, subscription-based, multi-level marketing merchants and more: The frustration of finding affordable MOTO merchant accounts without getting whacked with costly fees.

Instabill has been offering payment processing for high risk businesses since 2001, which includes providing quality MOTO merchant accounts to a variety of high risk merchants and businesses.

Why are MOTO merchant accounts considered high risk?

Considering the frustration a MOTO merchant can encounter in finding MOTO payment processing, it’s an important question with a simplistic answer: Think of the things that can go wrong when a customer provides credit card data over the phone or through the mail, where it is then keystroked into a virtual terminal via the payment gateway. Mail order/telephone order payments tend to make banks nervous because:

  • The merchant could enter the information wrong, charging another consumer’s credit card, thus resulting in a chargeback.
  • The customer’s credit card information could get into the wrong hands.
  • The merchant could be unscrupulous, or have similar-minded employees on staff.

Translated, the chances of errors and/or foul play are significantly higher than an e-commerce transaction and more so a point of sale transaction.

For certain merchants, a necessity

Despite banks’ hesitancy to offer MOTO payment solutions, the ability to process MOTO transactions is a must for some businesses. Not only does Instabill arrange MOTO merchant accounts for those merchants in need, our expert merchant account managers will align you with the best banking partners we know that specialize in your industry.

All the major card brands

Not only does Instabill recognize all the major card brands such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover, but it can also arrange for credit card transactions through China UnionPay, JCB and many more regional, international brands.

Our merchant account managers invite MOTO merchants for a 10-minute conversation to discuss the possibilities at 1-800-530-2444.

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