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High volume merchant accounts by Instabill

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  • Multiple merchant accounts to ease high volume restrictions

  • High volume solutions for CBD, MLM and Nutra

  • Offshore merchant accounts with generous volume caps

High volume merchant accounts through offshore banking

We see the following scenario quite often: A merchant is consistently nearing his/her volume limit a domestic banking partner has set, and could be facing penalties.

It’s time for a high volume merchant account for an offshore bank, the ideal solution for high volume businesses. Offshore banks are far more lenient when it comes to volume, offering generous and often no restrictions and enabling the merchant the freedom and peace of mind to sell in multiple markets.

The high volume industries we work with

Instabill has provided credit card processing for high volume merchants since 2001. With our large network of domestic and offshore banks, our expert merchant account managers know which banks work best with your industry. Among the typical high volume industries for which we have solutions:

  • CBD Oil
  • E-Cigarettes (and accessories)
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals (Online & POS)

One detail to keep in mind is that some countries mandate that merchants outside their borders register their company in the country of their acquiring bank. This is largely happening within the European Union, but other countries and regions could soon follow suit.

Of course, high volume merchants don’t necessarily have to process their transactions through an offshore bank. Depending on a merchant’s sales volume, our merchant account managers can help a merchant decide whether domestic or offshore is the best alternative.

When a merchant exceeds his/her volume cap, acquiring banks are known to hold whatever amount has exceeded the maximum volume limit, then release it at the end of the merchant account contract.

Multiple merchant accounts: A viable option

Merchants who prefer to keep their high volume businesses within the borders of their country can opt for multiple merchant accounts – a proven safety net for merchants with volume issues.

Solutions for high volume merchant accounts: Contact us today

Live merchant account experts are available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. through 6 p.m. (U.S. eastern time), at our headquarters in Portsmouth, N.H. With a 10-minute conversation, we’ll know which solutions are the best fit for you.

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