Multiple Merchant Accounts

Multiple merchant accounts with Instabill

Multiple Merchant Accounts: The High Volume, Low Risk Solution

High volume solutions: Accept more payment options online!

Some industries — online pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and even collections — can often generate such high volume that their acquiring banks get nervous. Instabill has a solution with plenty of benefits: Opening multiple merchant accounts.

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Lower your risk level

Sometimes, acquiring banks will consider a business high risk if they process too many transactions per month. One of the perks of multiple merchant accounts is the ability to spread transactions among two or more accounts, thus lowering your risk level. What is my risk factor?

Accept a larger variety of payments

Merchant accounts often come with limitations on what type of credit cards and currencies you can accept on your website. However, having more than one merchant account can make up for that limitation.

Let’s say one of your accounts allows you to accept payments from Visa credit cards in US dollars only. You can look for a second account that allows MasterCard payments as well as British pounds, euros, and more.

Quick application and easy setup

Multiple merchant accounts may seem like a hassle. However, Instabill makes the application process quite simple, and you can have your payment processing solutions set up in no time. Our wide range of acquiring bank partners allows us to deliver completely customizable solutions to you, in as little time as possible.