Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Planned for Boston

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Planned for Boston

Boston could be the next major US city to see medical marijuana dispensaries on its streets. With the use of medical marijuana becoming more and more embraced each day, it is no wonder that local business owners want to take their products right to the forefront of the city. However, despite marijuana for medical use being legal in Massachusetts, there are still a few hoops for merchants to jump through.

About the Boston Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

As of right now, only two businesses have applied for commercial space in the city of Boston. The merchants need to be approved for their leases and also by city regulators. As a controlled substance, it is difficult for medical marijuana merchants to find reasonable retail locations to sell marijuana products. Despite the fact that these merchants plan to grow the plants somewhere outside the city, there are still concerns about public use, as well as proximity to schools and day care centers.

The Legalization Issue

While it is legal for storefronts to sell medical marijuana to qualified patients in Massachusetts, many are wondering how relevant these businesses would be if the drug was ever fully decriminalized or legalized in the state. States like Colorado and Washington have already taken steps in favor of legalization, but it remains unseen whether or not Massachusetts would do the same.

If it were legalized, the medical marijuana dispensaries may just transform their business into a more general store that’s open to the public. This would increase concerns over the aforementioned regulation issues.

Processing Solutions for Medical Marijuana Merchants

Whether they’re seeking a retail credit card processing solution or strictly an online solution, it can be extremely difficult for medical marijuana dispensaries to find the resources they need to properly run their business. While many US states are warming up to the idea of medical marijuana storefronts, most acquiring banks are still extremely hesitant when it comes to providing merchant accounts.

However, Instabill can provide solutions for these merchants. Our medical marijuana merchant accounts can provide business owners with the tools they need to succeed, even while they still face an uphill battle. The truth is, it can be hard to find acquiring banks willing to work with medical marijuana merchants. But Instabill is partnered with many other banks who are eager to have the opportunity. To learn more about our merchant accounts, contact us using the live chat feature below or by calling 1-800-318-2713.

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