Just a Reminder: It’s Daylight Savings Time This Weekend

Just a Reminder: It’s Daylight Savings Time This Weekend

As a reminder to our international merchants and partners, this Saturday evening/Sunday morning marks the time of year where we Americans seem to confuse much of the world and switch our clocks forward one hour as we observe daylight savings time.

Why are we blogging about this? One reason: Instabill prides itself on live, one-on-one customer support. We take our merchant inquiries very seriously. So if we don’t answer the phone or respond to an e-mail or a live chat inquiry right away, we will shortly.

We’ll Be In Shortly, We Assure You

The only confusion 2016 daylight savings time might create is at the beginning of the workday: Because we are adjusting our clocks one hour forward, it may seem as if we’re one hour late getting to the office. But don’t worry – we’ll return your call, e-mail or live chat by the end of the morning.

Why Do We Do Daylight Savings Time?

By most accounts, the United States and the other countries that observe daylight savings time do so to make the most of daylight into the evening hours, particularly for those who work a full day. It is also a way to conserve energy use during the day.

At one time or another, most of the world observed daylight savings time. Currently, however, only about half the globe observes it, including the U.S., Europe and a few countries in South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

How Do You Use the Extra Hour?

Are you a runner? Will you spend more time outside? Will you work an extra hour?

We’re curious to know how our merchants and partners in the U.S. and Europe will spend the extra hour from daylight savings time this spring. Leave your comment below.

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