Instabill's New Partnership Offers High Risk Solutions

Instabill's New Partnership Offers High Risk Solutions

Through a new partnership with an acquiring bank, Instabill can provide more high risk solutions to merchants of high risk industries, CEO Jason Field announced on Thursday. The announcement signified the latest of several banking partnerships this year that have enhanced the Instabill’s menu of merchant account offerings.

Need High Risk Merchant Account Solutions?

With the new banking solution, Instabill offers new possibilities to existing high risk industries, and also potential opportunities in industries for which a solution may have been previously unavailable. Instabill’s partnership welcomes the following industry types:

Adult Content

Binary Options (3D Secure)

Cannabis Seeds


Credit Repair

Downloadable Software

Escort Services (3D Secure)

File Sharing

Forex (3D Secure)


Lottery Pools


Online Gambling

Online Gaming

PC Tech Support




As noted above, the industries of binary options, escort services and forex are for 3D secure transactions.

“This partnership is going to bring us more solutions for high risk businesses, especially for those for which we’ve had difficulty placing,” said Wendy Jacques, Sales Manager at Instabill. “You can never have enough high risk solutions.”

The Key to Bringing in Merchants

Instabill’s latest banking partnership is the fourth in what has been another very successful year for the Portsmouth, N.H.-based merchant services provider. It announced two partnerships in June: An alliance with an Asian bank to offer more high risk solutions, as well as a banking option specific to U.S. payday lending merchants who need ACH solutions.

In July, Instabill partnered with a bank to offer solutions for JCB credit and debit transactions.

Don’t See Your Industry?

With additional acquiring banking partnerships, Instabill can expand its menu of offerings to merchants and partners. Currently, Instabill can process credit card transactions for more than 90 industries.

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