Instabill Receives an ‘A’ Among High Risk Merchant Processors

Instabill Receives an ‘A’ Among High Risk Merchant Processors

For the fourth consecutive year, Instabill has been presented a grade of ‘A’ by industry reviewer for excellent service among high risk merchant processors.

The honor is the third of 2017 for Instabill, which was given 4 out of 5 stars by Merchant Maverick, an independent reviewer of payment service providers, in early June; and was named among the best high risk merchant account providers by CPO on Jan. 2.

For the record, we wanted straight A’s

Instabill was judged in four categories:

Sales & Marketing: A

Our initial approach to our sales and marketing tactics is to have a conversation with a merchant, simply to see straightaway if we have a viable solution for their business. If so, based on our 15-plus years in e-commerce merchant services, we’ll find the best banking partner that specializes in payment processing for their industry.

Costs & Contract: A

Like many high risk merchant processors, Instabill does not advertise low rates or immediately give merchants a direct quote of how much they might pay for a merchant account. Instead, we vet prospective merchants on several criteria including:

  • Payment processing history
  • Chargeback and refund frequency
  • Industry type
  • Countries and currencies in which to process transactions

Each of the above factors into a merchant’s processing rates. Most important, we do not charge a setup fee until the merchant is approved for a viable payment processing solution.

Complaints & Service: B

Let’s break this one into two parts:

  • Complaints: We’ve said it in print so many times that we are fearful of being penalized by Google for duplicate content: It is next to possible for high risk merchant processors to not draw complaints from time to time. It is part and parcel of offering merchant account solutions for high risk merchants.
  • Service: There is a reason we advertise our telephone number prominently throughout our website. Merchants, partners and prospects can reach a merchant account manager directly by calling us. We also have a live chat option on our website. We like to think we give A+ customer support.

Better Business Bureau Rating: A

Actually, our rating by the Better Business Bureau is an A+, with nary a complaint. It’s something in which we take an immense amount of pride.

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