Instabill Ranked Among Best Processors for E-Commerce

Instabill Ranked Among Best Processors for E-Commerce

For the third straight year, the Instabill Corporation received a grade of ‘A’ from, which cited the Portsmouth, N.H.-area payment service provider for its quality merchant services.

It’s a terrific honor, one which we value. To be frank, however, we’re not all that surprised here. We feel we’ve always been among the best processors for e-commerce businesses.

We have high standards at Instabill. We believe we offer the best customer support for merchant accounts (always live – by phone or live chat). We also present many banking options unique and custom to your e-commerce, MOTO or POS business. And we’ve been doing it since the beginning of e-commerce.

Instabill Among Highest-Rated Payment Processors

Instabill’s ‘A’ grade marks the third straight year it has received such, and is consistent with recent sub-ratings of In 2015 alone, Instabill was listed among the top credit card processors for offering the ‘Best Merchant Accounts’ in nine categories:

Accepting TMF/MATCH Merchants

Tax Resolution Firms

Online Gambling

Adult Content

Offshore Merchant Accounts


High Rick Merchant Accounts



Instabill Receives 4.4 out of 5

Instabill received a grade of ‘A’ or better in three of four categories, and scored 4.4 points out of 5 in the rating system of Sales and marketing, costs and contracts, BBB rating and complaints and service.

Sales & Marketing: A

Instabill merchant account managers receive and review leads every day on which they pursue and offer Instabill’s services. Instabill pursues two avenues of marketing: Content marketing as well as appearances at 10-12 tradeshows throughout the year where we engage potential merchants and partners.

Complaints & Service: B+

It is difficult to be in the high risk merchant accounts business and not receive complaints. This is an area that is constantly a challenge, one we’re always trying to improve.

On occasion, we have found merchants in breach of their contracts – for reasons such as too low volume, high chargebacks or simply not selling what they are advertising. After a merchant account is closed, funds are held by their acquiring banks – for anywhere between six or 18 months – so that the bank has funds to pay off chargebacks and refunds. After that designated period, merchants receive whatever funds they have left. It is a standard industry practice.

Costs & Contracts: A

Because Instabill values personal, one-on-one contact, the custom merchant accounts we offer are based on several factors such as industry type, volume, merchant processing history, chargeback/refund rates and risk for fraud. Acquiring banks establish rates while our merchant account managers walk merchants through the process. Evidenced by our grade, we feel we do this quite well.

BBB Report: A+

Our BBB grade went from an ‘A’ one year ago to an ‘A+.’ Instabill has not had a single complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in 36 months. It is something in which we take a lot of pride.

We’ll make the same promise we have for three years:  We will not rest on these laurels. We’re all about giving e-commerce, MOTO and POS businesses the tools to succeed and thrive.

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