Instabill Merchant Accounts for Educational Programs and Software

Instabill Merchant Accounts for Educational Programs and Software

Work-from-home educational software is becoming quite popular. It is very convenient and much more realistic for some people to have the luxury of working from home. For this target market, finding an honest, reliable source of educational software can be difficult. However, honest merchants will attract honest customers.

Due Diligence Background Checks with Instabill

At Instabill, our merchant account managers strive to stop fraudulent educational software merchants by researching the business’s background. It is our goal to process credit cards only for legal and legitimate businesses.

Being a risk compliance officer, I help the merchant account managers review documents including credit card processing history, bank reference letters, supplier agreements, and incorporation documents. We also test merchants’ products and thoroughly review websites.

Instabill Works with High Risk Businesses

If you are afraid that Instabill will not approve your merchant account application, then you should think again. We have connections to numerous acquiring banks worldwide, which allow us to approve some of the most difficult accounts. Our banking partners understand that nature of your educational software business and are able to process for merchants that have been on the TMF list.

Chargeback Prevention for Educational Software Merchants

If you are worried about chargebacks, then don’t be. The best way to reduce and prevent chargebacks is by making sure you clearly describe what your educational programs entail. Being upfront and informative from the get-go will help your customer understand why your educational material is better than the rest.

Domestic and Offshore Merchant Accounts

With both domestic and offshore credit card processing solutions, Instabill can help process both Visa and MasterCard transactions with an educational software merchant account. We can even help you establish multiple merchant accounts so you can distribute your business’s risk. In the unfortunate event of your acquiring bank terminating your merchant account, you will always have a backup!

One of the greatest benefits of working with one of our offshore banking partners is that their merchant accounts do not have monthly volume caps. This will allow you to an uncapped stream of income each month.

Get an Instabill Merchant Account Today

For more information about getting an educational software merchant account with Instabill, contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-800-318-2713. One of our merchant account experts will answer all of your questions and help you every step of the way.

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