Taking Merchant Services a Step Further Taking Merchant Services a Step Further

If you have visited the website recently, you might see some strange things happening. On one visit, there may be a male model-type straight out of GQ on the home page. On your next visit, you may see photos of random individuals here and there, who are actual Instabill merchant services managers.

The new is in the middle of A-B testing. We use quite a few stock photos on our website – most business sites do. Recently, however, we decided rather than use stock photos, let’s try using our own. We recently spent an afternoon taking our own and using members of our staff in our Portsmouth, N.H., USA headquarters.

Our goal is to see which website does better: Our ‘beta’ website with the Instabill staff photos or our ‘Alpha’ site with the stock photos, which will carry on through the next few weeks.

It also goes without saying that we feel we’re just as handsome as any stock image!

Our 5 Pillars of Customer Support

There is a larger purpose to our A-B testing of Our CEO and Founder Jason Field is adamant about our network of merchants and partners receiving the best customer support experience possible. Instabill lives by these five principles:

  • We do not employ call centers
  • Our telephone number – 1-800-318-2713 – connects directly with a merchant account manager
  • We believe in one manager for your merchant account
  • We always answer the phone, live chat and e-mail inquiries in person
  • If an inquiry is after our business hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (US eastern time, Monday through Friday), we’ll return your inquiry the very next business day

And the photos seen on our beta website are the people on the other end of your calls, live chats and e-mails.

Merchant Services Consultants for the Life of Your Account merchant account managers don’t just help get your business started. We’re with you as consultants. We’re with you for the life of the partnership.

Stock images or actual photos of us: Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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