Instabill Among Best High Risk Merchant Services Providers

Instabill Among Best High Risk Merchant Services Providers

For the fifth year running, Instabill was named among the Best High Risk Merchant Services Providers by credit card processing industry watchdog, announced recently. Instabill received a final grade of A as it was judged in four categories including:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Costs and Contract
  • Complaints and Service
  • Better Business Bureau rating

Having received grades of ‘A’ in three categories –Sales and Marketing, Costs and Contract and BBB rating – we were given a ‘B’ in the category of Complaints and Service (we’ll explain below).

The ‘A’ grade from is the latest Instabill has received over the last four years. Along with the same honor from 2014-2017, Instabill also received 4 out of 5 stars from Merchant Maverick, which also reviews payment processors of all risks, in June of 2017.

An ‘A’ for Sales and Marketing

Our sales staff has always been faithful to the basics: We believe every relationship – whether it be a merchant or reselling partner – begins with a 10-minute conversation about the acquiring banking resources we have to offer. There are (rare) times we may not have a solution for the prospect, and we won’t waste anyone’s time. However, when a merchant or partner signs on with Instabill, the relationship is just beginning. Our merchant account managers remain on hand as consultants throughout the merchant account relationship, and we encourage our merchants and resellers to contact us with any issues.

An ‘A’ for Costs and Contract

Back to our belief on one-on-one conversation with a prospective merchant/partner. Once we get a feel for your business (assumed risk, processing history and chargeback rate), our merchant account managers will know which acquiring bank is the best fit. Rates and fees are contingent upon the merchant’s risk-history-chargeback profile. We guarantee, however, that our rates and fees are industry competitive.

Perhaps most important is the fact that Instabill charges nothing until the merchant earns an approval from the acquiring bank and begins processing transactions.

Complaints and Service…we can explain the ‘B’

Don’t get us wrong – we were hopeful of straight As. Instabill values its live, one-on-one customer support. We’ll put our support and service up against any high risk merchant services providers. We purposely advertise our telephone number – 1-800-530-2444 – to encourage our merchants, prospects and partners to contact us with any issues. However, we’ve been in the high risk industry long enough to know that occasional negative reviews and complaints are inevitable for high risk merchant account providers.

The most common complaint we receive, which astutely notes in its review, is regarding the withholding of funds. Many high risk merchant services providers are given a rolling reserve, a percentage of funds withheld for six months so that banks can protect themselves from chargebacks and fraud. Contingent upon the number of chargebacks, rolling reserve funds are periodically released over an agreed-upon time frame (usually 18 months).

As personal contact has become increasingly diminished in the corporate world with e-mails, texts Skype and other messaging platforms, we try to bring and maintain humanness in our interactions with our merchants and partners.

An ‘A’ for Better Business Bureau rating

A U.S. company’s Better Business Bureau rating cannot be tampered with or artificially influenced. We feel it speaks volumes not only about the effort we put forth to find optimal high risk solutions, but also our candidness as to whether or not we can find a payment processing solution. When merchants are seeking solutions, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Instabill consistently among the best high risk merchant services providers

For merchant account solutions of all risk levels, Instabill merchant account managers are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. (U.S. eastern time). Our merchant account experts will walk you through our options.

Have a 10-minute conversation with one today to find out the possibilities.

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