Innovative Business Types Welcome at Instabill

Innovative Business Types Welcome at Instabill

It never ceases to amaze us at Instabill how the e-commerce boom has brought out the creativity of entrepreneurs everywhere. Every entrepreneur wants to be the creator of the next Pet Rock. Instabill merchant account managers field many inquiries about business types of all kinds, some feasible and others not so much. Potential or no potential, Instabill is committed to the success of e-commerce businesses and has welcomed innovative business types since 2001.

Instabill Processing Many Innovative Business Types

Instabill has been providing merchant services to the e-cigarette industry since its inception and continues to field many merchant account inquiries. Earlier this year, Instabill boarded a merchant called, which sells e-cigarettes to prison inmates. Since processing its transactions through Instabill, has seen significantly increasing profits over the last two months.

A new addition to the Instabill merchant services family is, which offers portable eco-friendly clothes washers and dryers. Some models weigh as little as six pounds and are ideal for boats and RVs.

Moreover, millions of consumers around the world are involved in fantasy sports, but what about fantasy stock trading? Another recent addition among Instabill’s innovative business types is, a company that oversees fantasy stock trading tournaments in which players can win cash prizes.

How to Process With Instabill

As proud as Instabill is in helping launch and grow e-commerce businesses, there are stipulations.

For domestic merchant accounts, there is no processing capital minimum, but we do have volume caps which vary according to a merchant’s financials and industry type. For offshore merchant accounts, there is always a minimum at which the merchant must process – it is different with each bank – usually $5,000 per month. Offshore merchant accounts have a number of benefits, such as no volume caps and fewer tax restrictions.

Instabill does not offer merchant accounts in certain industries including donations, non-profits or counterfeit goods. Guns and HGH or any business dealing with illegal material are also off limits for us.

The Merchant Account Process With Instabill

Instabill welcomes innovative business types. Our merchant account managers field all inquiries personally, whether it be via phone, e-mail or Skype. Though it does not provide credit card processing for all e-commerce industries, our merchant account managers welcome all submissions and assist our underwriters with each merchant account application. Our merchant account managers are available for a consult at 1-800-318-2713 or via chat by clicking on the option below.

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