How Online Payment Processing Can Rock Your Small Business World

How Online Payment Processing Can Rock Your Small Business World

We understand that not all small businesses are also e-commerce businesses. Maybe you own a storefront, but no website. Maybe you own both a storefront and a website, but you don’t want to sell your goods or services online. Maybe you tried applying for online payment processing services, but the acquiring bank denied your request for not having any credit card processing history. Or maybe your previous acquiring bank terminated your merchant account for having too many chargebacks and now you can’t accept credit cards online.

Owning a small business is tough and extremely competitive—we know because we work with small business merchants every single day. If online payment processing doesn’t play a role at your company, we think you should reconsider.

Expand Your Reach with Online Payment Processing

There are so many ways that becoming an e-commerce merchant could rock your small business world. The number one reason we suggest you start accepting credit cards online is because it’s a fast and easy way to expand your customer base. Think about it–when you have a local business, you rely on your customers to go to you in order to make money. If you sell online, they can visit your online store from virtually anywhere. Your small business will say hello to big profits.

Since banks label so many e-commerce industries high risk, we have several offshore banks in our repertoire of partners. Don’t let the thought of offshore frighten you. Did you know that when you process offshore, that offshore jurisdiction’s laws protect your bank account and the money in it? That means you’ll pay low taxes or even no taxes on your hard-earned money. You’ll make more money and you’ll get to keep more money. How awesome is that?

Making Your E-Commerce Dream a Reality

It’s not impossible, you know—taking your small business and transforming it into an e-commerce business. All you have to do is find the right payment processor. We know we have a lot of great competitors out there in the online payment processing industry, but we’re convinced that we’re the best. And here’s why:

The staff here in our small office cares about the success of your business. Granted, the success of our business relies on the success of your business, but our team of merchant account specialists really knows their stuff. Jason Field, our CEO, has also been working hard for the past 10 years at growing our network of trusted, reliable acquiring banks so we can provide the most payment processing services to our merchants.

Now, as I said already, maybe another payment processor turned you down for not having any credit card processing history. But we’re not them. No processing history is no problem for us. Bad credit? We’re good to go! Too many chargebacks? We’ll teach you how to keep your chargeback ratio low—this will reduce your risk factor and make it easier for banks to approve you for a merchant account.

Still think that online payment processing is just a dream for your small business? Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-318-2713 or chat with us online to see how Instabill can make your e-commerce dream a reality.

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