Hey, UK Financial Services Firms - Instabill Has You Covered!

Hey, UK Financial Services Firms - Instabill Has You Covered!

Instabill has long been a trusted partner of financial services firms worldwide by providing reliable credit card processing services and business continuity measures to small and large merchants alike.

It is always a pleasure to work with the ranks of growing UK financial services firms regardless of their niche. We have reliable solutions from verticals covering PPI claims, loan brokerages, and everything in between.

Working with Instabill will not only give you room to grow with very generous credit card processing limits, but it will also provide your business with a full continuity strategy.

Whether you are currently processing or not, the Instabill payment gateway links to a number of reliable acquiring banks, ensuring maximum uptime and a failsafe measure should anything happen to jeopardize your existing merchant account.

However, there are several other advantages for financial services firms in the UK when processing credit cards with Instabill, including:

  • Higher merchant account application approval rates
  • Affordable, competitive, and cost-effective merchant account fees
  • E-commerce credit card processing with direct POST or a secured hosted payment page
  • A virtual terminal for all of your MOTO credit card processing needs
  • The opportunity to move your business operation to international jurisdictions

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For details on how to get a financial services merchant account in the UK, contact us online or call me at 1-800-318-2713 today. I look forward to working with you!

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