Harvard E-Cigarette Study: Users Trying to Quit

Harvard E-Cigarette Study: Users Trying to Quit

A newly released Harvard e-cigarette study says users are more likely to be heavy smokers trying to kick the habit rather than those who are using them as a gateway to traditional cigarettes. As the popularity of e-cigarettes continues to rise, so do many debates: teen and young adult use as an introduction to traditional cigarettes, long term health risks and governments imposing similar regulations on vapers and smokers alike. The Harvard e-cigarette study examined data from 26,500 people across 27 countries in Europe in 2012.

Harvard E-Cigarette Study: What Were the Findings?

The Harvard e-cigarette study revealed several things. Firstly, that e-cigarette use was highest in smokers aged 15 to 24. There was little data, however, that e-cigarette users in this age group moved on to traditional cigarettes.  Other findings in the Harvard e-cigarette study included:

  • Smokers in the focus group who had tried to quit over the last 12 months were twice as likely to use e-cigarettes.
  • E-cigarette use was more common among smokers who smoked at least a half dozen a day than those who smoked five or fewer a day.

Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens who was not involved in the study, told New Scientist magazine that the Harvard e-cigarette study shows little evidence that vaping leads to smoking. “The results show minimal adoption by non-smokers,” he said.

Vast Division Between E-Cigarettes and Health Officials

The release of the Harvard e-cigarette study coincides with traditional tobacco giants Altria and Reynolds dabbling in the e-cigarette industry. Both are expected to release their own brands of e-cigarettes later this year which has drawn the ire of public health officials. Recently, 129 doctors and specialists worldwide signed a letter to the World Health Organization urging it to impose regulations on e-cigarettes as they would traditional tobacco.

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