Google E-Commerce Takes On Amazon

Google E-Commerce Takes On Amazon

There is a battle brewing between two of the nation’s largest e-commerce companies—Google and Amazon. With the rapid success of Amazon Prime, Google e-commerce has been seeking ways to overcome one of its main competitors. Now, reports suggest that Google is planning to put significant work into its Shopping Express branch to diminish Amazon Prime’s foothold in the Western US.

How Will Google E-Commerce Defeat Amazon?

The answer seems to be: groceries. With all of the things you can buy online in today’s world—electronics, home goods, office supplies, mobile apps—there is one thing missing. People go grocery shopping to store food in their homes, and so far, grocery is the only industry to evade e-commerce.

Amazon’s Prime Fresh feature answers this problem in a very small way—the e-commerce giant has been offering grocery delivery services in parts of California and Seattle for some time. However, Google e-commerce seeks to one-up them with Shopping Express, which will allegedly offer same-day grocery delivery for consumers.

Will Grocery E-Commerce Actually Work?

This remains to be seen. While the rumored service from Google would be groundbreaking—and also very expensive—consumer reception is something that cannot be predicted. Some people may prefer to actually see the food they’re buying when they grocery shop—an aspect that Shopping Express would fail to deliver.

Of course, grocery e-commerce is only one way in which Google could take on Amazon. Google e-commerce has been a folly in the past, with apps such as Google Checkout failing miserably. While Google Shopping and Shopping Express are gaining traction, Amazon and eBay still rule the online retail market in the US.

What Can We Expect From E-Commerce Giants?

Google’s rumored foray into groceries prompts a question: what is next from other e-commerce giants? The “big five,” a group of giant e-commerce companies consisting of Google, Amazon, Apple, eBay, and Facebook, have been trying to out-perform each other in the e-commerce industry for years. Amazon’s most recent offering, the Fire Phone, is currently being well-received among consumers. However, the company’s hopeful drone delivery system was just rejected by the US government, dashing their hopes of being the preferred website in online shopping.

Facebook is still struggling to keep up with the other four companies, still trying to break into the industry with something all-new. Auction website eBay has been relatively quiet recently, however its payment service PayPal still rules the online payment world. Apple’s new iPhone is expected soon, and the new operating systems that will come with it are already receiving tremendous praise.

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