Credit Card Processing for Financial Service Firms

Credit Card Processing for Financial Service Firms

Cash advances, stock trading, debt collection, credit repair—these are just a few sectors within the financial services industry. Traditional financial service firms provide clients with face-to-face consultations. You meet with your clients in an office, assist them with their financial needs, and they pay you as they leave.

Nowadays, you have the option of allowing your clients to pay for your services online. You may even want to offer the same services over the Internet through virtual meetings and correspondences. However, online credit card processing requires a whole other type of merchant account.

By submitting one (FREE!) merchant account application to Instabill, we will connect you to our large network of acquiring banks and processing partners. So, whether you need an Internet merchant account, POS retail merchant account, or both, you can find a reliable, affordable, and PCI compliant solutions with us.

Financial Services Merchant Account Highlights

Each business has its own credit card processing needs, which is why Instabill offers flexible merchant accounts. We can design a merchant account that fits exactly what you need. Here are a few highlights of our financial services merchant accounts.

  • Accept major card brands including Visa and MasterCard
  • Process in more than 160 currencies including USD, GBP, and euros
  • Payment gateway that supports large ticket items
  • No credit card processing volume caps
  • FREE virtual terminal for qualifying merchants
  • Reliable settlements in 18 major currencies

Financial Services Sectors

Instabill provides the following types of merchant accounts to business owners within the following financial services sectors.

Ready to Learn More?

If you are ready to learn more about how to apply for your financial services merchant account, contact us online today. We will assign you an expert merchant account manager who will be there for you every step of the way. What are you waiting for? Credit card processing has never been so easy!

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