Ensure Customer Trust Online With These Simple Steps

Ensure Customer Trust Online With These Simple Steps

Do your customers trust you? When you’re selling your product online, it can be difficult to create the same personal connection, or customer trust, brick-and-mortar stores can provide, so you need to find other ways to show that you are a trustworthy business. We’ve got some tips from PCIComplianceGuide.org that can help you build trust with your customers today.

One point from PCI Compliance Guide stood out as extremely important for us:

When a company experiences a data breach, it doesn’t just lose time and money recovering that information. It loses customer trust.

Cassie Phillips at PCI Compliance Guide

We’ve got just a few simple steps that will help you protect your site against data breaches.

  1. When you have sensitive data such as credit card information, you should ensure that your website can keep that data safe. Instabill’s guide to PCI compliance is a good place to start for your security. We give you the steps you need to make sure your website is compliant with the guidelines from the Payment Cards Industry Security Standards Council. Maintaining security of sensitive data is a vital component of customer trust.
  2. You should also be sure your website has SSL protection. This extra security step makes all data and transactions on your website much more secure, and shows your customers that you’re protecting their information. Instabill is ready to help you obtain a SSL certificate for your website and start securely processing transactions.

See other tips about customer trust with the full article at PCI Compliance Guide: 5 Reasons Your Customers May Not Trust You With Their Personal and Financial Data.

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