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Home Furniture Merchant Accounts: Fast and Reliable Payment Processing

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Like many other industries, the home furniture business has embraced the world of e-commerce. With advances in payment processing and shipping techniques, buying furniture online is not uncommon. Whether you offer buy online, pick up in-store services, or specialize in shipping small furniture directly, our home furniture merchant accounts are the perfect credit card processing option.

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Getting started with an Instabill merchant account is easy. The application is free, and we’ll work on getting you a fast approval. We deliver customizable merchant accounts to many different business types, so contact a merchant account manager today at 1-800-318-2713 to get started.

Retail and E-Commerce Payment Solutions

Instabill can provide credit card processing services to both retail and e-commerce merchants. Those selling home furniture online can take advantage of our easy-to-maintain accounts with free payment gateway integration and reliable payouts. Additionally, those with retail locations can get the best POS systems available to process transactions in their stores. If you sell both in-store and online, why not try multiple merchant accounts?

Domestic and Offshore Solutions

Different businesses have different needs, and often require different types of merchant accounts. At Instabill, we’re partnered with dozens of domestic and offshore acquiring banks, giving qualifying merchants the ability to find customizable merchant accounts that fit their specific business model. Take some time to explore Instabill.com to learn more about domestic and offshore merchant accounts.

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Instabill’s merchant account managers team with your acquiring banking partner to get your merchant account set up and respond to any technical issues that may arise.

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View our application checklist to get started or speak with a live merchant account manager at 1-800-318-2713 Monday through Friday (8 a.m.-6 p.m.) US eastern time.