Extended Warranty Merchant Accounts

Extended warranty merchant accounts by Instabill

Affordable Solutions for Extended Warranty Businesses

Extended Warranty Merchant Accounts from Instabill

Finding a quality merchant services provider who has extended warranty merchant accounts to fit your business’ needs takes time and patience. Reliable cash flow is a must for this industry so a service provider can make or break your business. Instabill provides extended warranty merchant account solutions with a reliable payout schedule to help your business succeed.

Credit Card Processing with Extended Warranty Merchant Accounts

With extended warranty merchant accounts, merchants can accept payments online with major credit card brands including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. With recurring billing options through our payment gateway, your customers never have to worry about renewing their warranties again. Instabill often provides multiple merchant accounts, enabling merchants to process as many credit card transactions as necessary.

High Risk Merchant Account Solutions

Instabill has been a merchant services provider in the high risk space for nearly 15 years. Instabill has built a large network of acquiring banks, which are happy to work with legal and legitimate businesses despite their risk level. Earning approval for extended warranty merchant accounts has never been easier.

Reliable Payouts

With scheduled payouts daily (three days in arrears) or weekly (one week in arrears), merchants will always get paid on time and accurately. Extended warranty merchant accounts from Instabill mean merchants never have to worry about receiving money again.

Extended Warranty Merchant Account Rates

Although Instabill’s underwriting team and our acquiring banking partners determine the rates and fees, our merchant account rates are affordable and highly competitive. Below are some of the factors that go into determining final costs:

•Expected Monthly Turnover
•Average Ticket Size
•Country of Registration
•Who Hosts Your Payments Page
•Processing History
•Merchant Account History
•Chargeback Ratio
•Percentage of MOTO Transactions

Approval Process for Extended Warranty Merchant Accounts

The merchant account application process is free and simple. Along with the completed application, Instabill requires a handful of documents to complete the underwriting process. View our application checklist to get started.

Live, One-on-One Customer Support

For more information about our extended warranty merchant accounts, speak with a live merchant account manager at 1-800-318-2713 or contact us online. Our merchant account managers take the time to get to know your and your business needs to find the ideal solutions for your business.