E-Commerce Surge the Reason for Fed Ex, UPS Shortcoming

E-Commerce Surge the Reason for Fed Ex, UPS Shortcoming

Package shipping giants Fed Ex and United Parcel Service were simply not prepared for the e-commerce surge that accompanied the 2013 holiday season. From Dec. 24-26, virtually every news medium in the U.S. reported how FedEx and United Parcel Service (UPS) experienced significant delays which drew the ire of thousands without presents on Christmas morning.

E-Commerce Proof is in the Numbers

The shortcoming of UPS and Fed Ex should not have been a surprise considering the volume of e-commerce from Thanksgiving through Christmas jumped significantly. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, E-Commerce sales on Cyber Monday (Dec. 2) alone increased 21 percent from 2012. Bloomberg also reported, via ShopperTrak, that in-store traffic in the U.S. declined 4.2 percent in November and 12.0 percent in December compared to one year ago, further evidence that consumers are shopping online more than ever.

Fox News reported Thursday that Senator Richard Blumenthal (D, Conn.) called for UPS and Fed Ex to issue full refunds to those whose packages were stuck in the widespread delays. UPS is offering refunds on shipping charges while retail giant Amazon is also offering refunds on shipping charges as well as $20 gift cards.

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