E-Cigarettes Surge in Popularity, Showcased On Screen

E-Cigarettes Surge in Popularity, Showcased On Screen

The two detectives cruise the streets of Greater Los Angeles at night. The air is stiff, the tension palpable. They trade barbed points regarding the case they’re working on as they struggle to make it through the rest of their shift together. There is a break in the conversation–the detective behind the wheel pulls her e-cigarette from her pocket, takes a large drag, and exhales a cloud of vapor in front of the camera. The other detective takes notice, and the silence is finally broken by the glowing device as the two partners debate over its allure.

What you just read isn’t a synopsis for an advertisement for e-cigarettes, but a scenario from an episode of HBO’s hit drama series True Detective. In this particular scene–along with others like it–Detective Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) is depicted using an e-cigarette prolifically during a close-up. In the past, her character may have been seen smoking a cigarette. But the times are changing, and e-cigarettes are taking over.

The Rise of E-Cigarettes

With the anti-smoking movement gaining more steam than ever, and with major drugstore chains like CVS dropping tobacco products, e-cigarettes are emerging as the newest fad. However, this fad hasn’t come on without debate. Opponents worry about devices being used by minors and the re-glorification of smoking, while proponents point to the preliminary research that suggests e-cigarettes can help people quit. Regardless of the debate, the e-cigarette industry has become one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries in the world.

Entering the Entertainment World

True Detective isn’t the only on-screen attention that e-cigarettes have gotten. They’ve been showing up more recently in both films and TV, including Netflix’s House of Cards and the 2010 film The Tourist starring Johnny Depp. This is possible because e-cigarettes are not banned by the historic 1970 legislation that banned tobacco companies from buying on-screen product placement. Because of this, established e-cigarette companies have been paying for their products to be used by celebrities both on and off screen, resulting in a huge boost in popularity.

E-Cigarette Health Benefits

E-Cigarettes are used as a way to consume nicotine without the tar or harmful additives found in most traditional smoking products, prompting many to herald their success as a safer alternative to tobacco. While regulations are being issued to keep the devices in check, research is still being conducted to see if e-cigarettes really are healthier.Many former smokers were quick to reinforce the health benefits, claiming their devices helped them kick their tobacco habit faster and better than nicotine gum or patches. If science proves that e-cigarettes do indeed help people quit smoking, the regulations could ease up and product awareness could double.

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