Card-Not-Present Processing: Web-Based vs. Virtual Terminal

Card-Not-Present Processing: Web-Based vs. Virtual Terminal

Payment processing tools for card-not-present transactions — web based and virtual terminal — allow merchants to accept and manage credit card transactions without their customers having to be there. The tools needed to accept these payments are minimal–an Internet connection, a Web browser, and possibly a shopping cart. Let’s take a look at the different forms of card-not-present processing.

Web-Based Credit Card Processing

The most important aspect of web-based credit card processing is that it gives e-commerce merchants the ability to expand their target market, reach a wider audience, and make more money. And since your online payment gateway does all of the payment processing work for you–after you’ve got your website up and running, a bank has accepted your merchant account application, and you’ve integrated a shopping cart, that is–it gives your business the ability to accept credit cards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing

A virtual terminal is a web-based application that allows you to accept payments over the phone or via mail order–a necessity for any MOTO merchant. Using your Web browser, you enter in the Web address for your virtual terminal, login to your payment gateway account, and manually enter your customers’ credit card information. It’s very similar to a consumer paying a bill online, but the merchant or a virtual terminal operator enters the payment information. Because someone needs to enter the debit or credit card information into the virtual terminal, processing is only operational 24/7 if your office is open 24/7.

Benefits of Web-Based and Virtual Terminal Processing with Instabill

Web-based and virtual terminal processing eliminate the need for hardware, dedicated phone lines, and costly maintenance. When we transmit your customers’ sensitive payment information to the bank, we protect it by using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), with all transmissions using a 128-bit encryption. We also secure all sensitive transaction data behind internal layered defenses that prohibit direct access to our transaction databases. You can rest assured that processing card-not-present transactions with us is safe and secure.

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