California To Consider Online Gambling

California To Consider Online Gambling

In the quest for legal online gambling nationwide, California may emerge as the next state to embrace the industry. For now, state legislature is only considering online poker—part of an effort to make traditional casinos part of the game. However, the bill would throw one of the industry’s biggest merchants—PokerStars—by the wayside.

Online Gambling in the US

So far, internet gambling is only legal in three states—Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. California has been the center of the legal online poker debate, and many think the state may be the fourth location of some legal kind of online gambling.

With people emptying out of casinos in Atlantic City and turning to their computers, many think that the gambling industry is undergoing a massive change. As e-commerce takes off, more and more people choose to spend their money online instead of in person. For some, e-gambling presents an enormous upside. For others, it is destroying a nearly century-old institution and increasing the risks of gambling addiction.

About the Online Poker Legislation

Legal online poker websites in California would likely open the doors for other forms of internet gambling in the state, but critics say it would leave customers disappointed and with few options. The new legislation would be introduced to state lawmakers in early 2015, and if passed, would be a massive advancement in e-gambling. Proponents hope that bringing some form of internet gambling to the nation’s most populous state would be extremely profitable and beneficial.

PokerStars, one of online gambling’s largest merchants, is strictly opposed to the legislation, due to the fact that it would provide merchants with a limited gambling experience. They believe that the proposed law is simply a repeat effort of previously failed bills that will fail to attract attention from consumers.

Online Gambling Merchant Accounts

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