Instabill Among Best Merchant Service Providers by Merchant Negotiators

Instabill Among Best Merchant Service Providers by Merchant Negotiators

Earning our second honor in a matter of weeks, the Instabill Corporation was named among the best international merchant service providers by credit card processing analyst last week. Instabill received 4 out of 5 stars and was lauded for its diverse payments resources and options, pricing structure and transparency among many qualities.

“I think our latest review by Merchant Negotiators, as well as the latest review from, at their very core, reflect the values we have as a company,” said Sales Manager Wendy Jacques. “We believe wholly in engaging merchants and partners in a conversation to discuss possibilities, which enables full transparency. Initial personal contact is the first step to a solid working relationship, and opens the door for our merchants and partners for communication.”

A history of glowing Instabill reviews

The Merchant Negotiators review is the second plaudit of 2018 for Instabill, which has a long history in providing solutions for high risk and hard to place merchants and emphasizing live, one-on-one customer support.

In late March, Instabill was cited among the Best High Risk Merchant Services Providers by for the fifth straight year, earning a grade of A, encompassing sales and marketing, costs and contracts, complaints and service and Better Business Bureau rating. Instabill also garnered similar honors in 2017 from and Merchant Maverick, which graded Instabill with 4 out of 5 stars.

Instabill has been consistently recognized among the best merchant service providers over the last five years:


Merchant Maverick


Best High Risk Accounts

4 out of 5 stars

Best International Merchant Service Providers


2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

2017, 2018


What Merchant Negotiators loved about us as a merchant service provider

In a thorough breakdown, Instabill was lauded in a number of merchant service categories including services, pricing, contracts and support.

  • Many solutions: The number of payment solutions and options Instabill features, including our international reach, e-commerce, POS and MOTO alternatives, recurring, check solutions and array of credit card brands Instabill services.
  • Pricing and rates: The Merchant Negotiators review noted “Instabill is clear about some fees, but they lack transparency on the most important items such as rates and discount fees.” We take issue with this, simply because every merchant account is different, and we cannot provide an accurate figure for fees until we know specific details of a business, which we present to the acquiring bank. Only then can we provide accurate rates and fees, most of which are determined by the acquiring bank.
  • Hardware and Software: Through several partnerships, we can offer the latest point-of-sale hardware, including mobile EMV-ready devices through CardFlight and other hardware through Verifone and Ingenico.

For software, we offer a virtual terminal for qualifying merchants as well as 3D secure and non-3D secure merchant accounts.

  • Truly international: Though we cannot process payments in every country worldwide, we’re proud to have acquiring banking partners on six continents. We’ll refrain from naming the countries on our prohibited list. Instead, where there is civil unrest, regions known for and rife with fraud as well as countries on which the U.S. has placed an embargo, we are unable to do business.
  • Read your contract: On several occasions throughout the review, merchants are urged to read through their contract. We cannot emphasize this enough. We present merchants with the contract of the acquiring bank with which we match their business. Each bank has different terms, thus it is imperative that merchants take the necessary time to read through.
  • Common Complaints: The most common complaint we receive is that of withheld funds, where the merchant in question believes it is Instabill that holds funds (it is actually their acquiring bank). This is why we implore merchants to read through their contracts and note the important details such as terms, processing minimums, volume limits, etc…
  • Common compliments: On the flipside, we’re thrilled to be recognized for our live, one-on-one support, which we believe saves time for everyone. offered the following statement about what we need from our prospective merchants and merchant partners: “High-risk merchants need to understand that they need to be honest about their businesses. Only then can a high-risk credit card processor help you.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Our merchant account managers are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time at 1-800-530-2444. We’re always up for a conversation.

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