About Travel Merchant Accounts

Travel merchant accounts by Instabill

The travel industry is considered a high risk business, mainly due to the added risk factor of potential chargeback, refunds, high volume sales and fraud etc. Merchants involved in this business find it hard to get accepted for travel merchant accounts by banks and credit card processors.

However at Instabill.com we understand the risks involved and that is why along with a travel merchant account we also provide our clients with the best online credit card processing facility and fraud protection.

Facilities offered for Travel Merchant Accounts

For a high risk business like one related to the travel industry, Instabill offers many facilities. Our travel merchant accounts offer:

  • Online Credit Card Processing – with our online credit card processing facility merchants are able to process credit cards online. Now going to the bank to deposit checks is no longer an option for our high risk merchants.
  • Real-time Processing – our travel merchant accounts have the advantage of providing merchants with real-time payment processing facility.
  • Online Shopping Cart – we also provide online shopping cart solutions for your website.
  • Risk Management and Cost Effective Solutions – we provide our customers with risk management techniques and cost-effective solutions for our travel merchant account clients.
  • Secure Processing – now merchants no longer need to fret about security and safety. At Instabill, we provide secure SSL servers and reliable state-of-the-art fraud protection tools.
  • No High Volume Restrictions – merchants can expand their business without any worry about chargeback and refunds with our travel merchant account.
  • Credit Card Acceptance – we accept all major kinds of debit/credit card, be it MasterCard or Visa!
  • Online Reporting – our travel merchant account holders can view transaction reports online.
  • Reliable Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateways – the virtual terminal and gateways provided by Instabill are secure and reliable with topnotch protection.
  • Multiple Currency Processing – Our basic feature is the ability to process different kinds of currencies, like US dollar, Euros, Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian dollars, Yen etc.
  • Electronic Payment Processing – we offer processing services, not just for credit but also debit cards and bank wire transfers.
  • Lowest Rates – we offer reliable travel merchant accounts at the lowest available rates with the best security.
  • 24/7 Technical Support – our customers are given a 24/7 technical support and customer care.

Instabill.com offers travel merchant accounts with the best of services because we understand the importance of your business.