Online Payment Processing Benefits

Online payment processing from INstabill

Take Advantage of Merchant Account Benefits and Drive Sales

The ability to accept credit card payments online is essential for any business.

There are many merchant services out there that offer online payment processing solutions, but they might not fully accommodate your business needs. Instabill’s custom merchant accounts come with a variety of great benefits that will help you successfully accept online credit card payments and grow your business.

First, a conversation

We do business in person, preferably a conversation over the phone. Within 10 minutes of listening to your needs, we’ll know firstly whether we have a solution for you. If we’re a good fit, we’ll know which acquiring banking solution will work the hardest for your business, and we’ll gladly match you with it. Instabill is partnered with many acquiring banks — domestic, offshore and international — that welcome and understand that industries considered high risk need credit card processing.

Get a Head Start With Our Application Checklist

With an approval, Instabill merchant account managers will assist you with the application process and can provide you with the list of required KYC documents, which differ with every acquiring bank. If you are ready to apply for an affordable online payment processing solution, click the button above or simply call 1-800-318-2713 to speak with a live representative.

Watch Your Business Grow

Once merchants begin accepting credit card payments online, their business flourishes. Online payment processing tends to increase a merchant’s sales by 75%, and it also allows them to sell their products beyond their region. Instabill offers international merchant accounts for qualifying applicants, allowing them to market their products to a global audience.

Instabill’s Payment Gateway Solutions

With a merchant account from Instabill, your website will be connected to the payment gateway of the acquiring bank with which we match your business. Accept multi-currency payments from major credit card brands including Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB and China UnionPay. Qualifying MOTO merchants can also have access to a user-friendly virtual terminal where they can manually enter credit card payments taken by phone or received by mail.

Secure Payment Processing

Instabill’s merchant services come complete with fraud protection services, including a free PCI compliance scan of your website, and discounted McAfee PCI Certification software. We also offer SSL certificates for your website and useful tips to protect against chargebacks.

Affordable Online Payment Processing Solutions

An Instabill merchant account is an affordable method of online payment processing. Qualifying merchants receive the most competitive rates. For more information on merchant account fees, contact a merchant account manager today by live chat or at 1-800-318-2713.