Pharmacy Merchant Account Features

Pharmacy merchant account solutions with Instabill

Our Pharmacy Merchant Account Features Include:

  • Real-time Payment Processing– information exchange on credit card transaction between customers and the merchant’s payment processor.
  • Secure Transactions – Secure SSL servers give additional security to merchants.
  • Reliable Virtual Terminal – Allows manual processing of credit card transactions through means of electronic connection. Also allows reporting, authorization and processing through a secure server.
  • Recurring Billing – used for recurring transactions.
  • Fraud Protection – We provide you with proper security tools against online foreign threats.
  • No High Volume Restrictions – With our high risk merchant accounts for online pharmacies, you do not have to worry about chargeback and refunds. Grow your business as you like and worry absolutely 0% about volume restrictions.
  • Cost effective solutions – Instabill offers real-time credit card processing along with cost effective solutions and risk management techniques.
  • Online Reporting – Merchants can view transaction reports online.
  • High Risk Credit Card Processing – Instabill provides you with the perfect solution for all your high risk credit card processing needs for the online pharmacy accounts.
  • 24/7 Customer Care and Technical Support – Our 24/7 technical support builds customer confidence.
  • Acceptance of all kinds of Credit Cards – from MasterCard and Visa to various other kinds.

Merchants can now apply for pharmacy merchant accounts and instantly set up their business to go online.