Types of Merchant Accounts and E-Commerce Services

Types of merchant accounts by Instabill

Discover the Types of Merchant Accounts

Online business is booming, so to keep up with the market you have to know how to use the internet to the advantage of your business. Making payments online can be quick and easy with merchant accounts. These accounts are capable of handling online credit card transactions. They are a secure means to make easy payments for the consumer and a way to increase revenues for the merchant.

There are three main types of merchant accounts available online:

Internet Merchant Account

Internet Merchant Accounts are used for businesses online. The website is the basis of the business and all transactions are handled therein. These merchant accounts usually have a significant amount of support and security because they are the means for the entirety of the business. Most businesses that have a website can open an internet merchant account, but it is especially helpful for those lacking a physical presence. This type of account can be opened using a form online from the merchant bank.

Online Merchant Accounts

Online Merchant Accounts are simply accounts that are opened online. These can be opened by most businesses. Merchants that have land-based stores and also have an online catalog, benefit from these types of online merchant accounts because they enable the stores to receive orders online in addition to the land-based activities. This helps merchants target a broader audience while retaining their regular business status.

Merchant Services

Merchant Services are merchant accounts that also offer credit card processing software to the business owner. This type of account gives you the software that allows for batch or real-time credit card transactions. Batch transactions allow for all of the transactions having taken place within a time period to be handled at once; real-time transactions are handled immediately. This may raise the question in your mind, Where can I get an international merchant account?