Getting International Merchant Accounts with Instabill

International merchant accounts by Instabill

The Payment Processing Power of International Merchant Accounts

In today’s competitive world of e-commerce, a standard online merchant account through a domestic bank isn’t enough to help online businesses keep up with the competition. International merchant accounts can make your business a true success. For online businesses, international merchant accounts give merchants the ability to accept multi-currency credit card transactions through their website. Multi-currency payment processing can expand online businesses into new regions and countries by allowing customers to pay for goods and services in their local currency.

Offshore Processing with International Merchant Accounts

Accepting multi-currency transactions is just one benefit of an international merchant account. Many business owners look to international merchant accounts because of its offshore payment processing. Acquiring banks in offshore jurisdictions are typically tax exempt, which means merchants can keep more of their hard-earned money. Since offshore banks have fewer trading restrictions, high risk merchants have an easier time getting an international merchant account. When you break it down, it’s easy to see why international merchant accounts are the perfect solution for online businesses needing to process credit card transactions through the Internet.

Features of Instabill’s International Merchant Account Solutions

When looking for a payment processing company that offers international merchant accounts, keep in mind that not all service providers offer the same features. Instabill is a merchant service provider, which means we process credit card transactions as well as offer a wide range of other merchant services including:

International Merchant Account Risk Factors

When you’re processing card-not-present transactions, there’s always a risk factor of the consumer being a fraudulent customer. However, when online businesses are accepting payments worldwide, the types of risks they’re taking on expand. With an international merchant account, business owners need to be aware of the fraud generating from certain countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, and the Philippines. An international merchant account and payment gateway through Instabill gives you the power to screen your transactions for fraudulent orders and immediately put a stop to them.